Interpreting Asia – Interpreting Europe Unit 2: Public Speaking.
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I Hate Public Speaking Song – Joyful Public Speaking Enjoy! -By SPOKEN IMPACT-
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to Unit 2: Public Speaking

  • Amy Tran says:

    (Y) really useful!

  • Basri Shosholli says:

    Unit 2: Public Speaking

  • Huyền Nguyễn says:

    Thank you for your upload so much!

  • Tar fah says:

    thank u it is so useful

  • Lan Bùi says:

    thanks for uploading

  • nouran enab says:

    I hate public speaking

  • helena sanchez says:

    I hate public speaking. I’m going to be a freaking accountant,I don’t need
    to present to people …..damn it

  • amamartin999 says:

    Thats not how a black women sings.

  • TheJack0Phantom says:

    @justmeduhfull I know seriously, what job would I have to speak infront of
    50 people all the time, besides a politician or something, Its not like im
    a retard, we already know how to talk, y cant we atleast just present our
    things to the teacher, the students arent the ones markign me

  • Shampoo8412random says:

    My teacher showed this to me when I was in grade 3 and 3 years later I’m
    still watching it. XD

  • justmeduhfull says:

    Do you really need public speaking for aerospace engineering? isn’t that
    debatable? I mean I have good communication skills but, don’t we already
    know how to talk and can’t we just read it and learn it from the book…

  • Spoken Impact says:

    We created that video many years ago to help our clients overcome a common
    fear. We’re glad so many people enjoy it! To see more of us, go to our
    YouTube Channel SpokenImpact1. Thank you. Spoken Impact

  • Span18091 says:

    worst vid we ever watched at scool

  • hynata15 says:

    good singing lol 🙂

  • StEwIeGrIfFiN881 says:

    oh my, language arts teacher played this today and its been stuck in my
    head all day!!!

  • justmeduhfull says:

    @TheJack0Phantom yup, I don’t see what my speech class really did for me to
    be honest. sometimes I think they just want us to “sound” professional, and
    not talk “hood” kinda weird and I think the class really has some
    stereotyping with it… And true, we aren’t retards and these classes of
    public speaking shouldn’t be needed…

  • PrincesGrace says:

    hahahaha funny vid i used to hate it too, bt now i enjoy every moment
    before the crowd lol:)

  • Michelle Blackwood says:

    I show this video in nearly every public speaking seminar that I lead. It’s
    light hearted and funny, but is a great conversation starter!

  • brooke reid says:

    @StEwIeGrIfFiN881 same here

  • Alexander Broadbent says:

    lol watched this is learning 2 learn in school, the song is so

  • Jared Mcguire says:

    i hate public speaking 🙁


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