Fear of public speaking is one of the greatest fears of people all over the world. Visualize success before giving a speech with tips from a communications s…

15 Responses to Public Speaking: Giving a Great Speech : Public Speaking Tips: Visualizing Success

  • Sam O says:

    I really appreciated mam..

  • jasontta says:

    Excellent advice, visulizing success, I would also add a little self-talk
    on top of that. Such as…they are going to love my speech….

  • Patrick Cortinez says:

    she gives off such a positive vibe. i love her!

  • abacusin says:

    cant believe how true your last tip is. I was the first in the class as per
    roll call and the first one to give speach or presentation and always
    succesful. now I can realise thats why i did not had time to get terrified.
    Thanks a lot..

  • wwwhat95 says:

    These videos real help thanks abunch

  • leenforeva says:

    I’ll always still let others go up first.. Then i’ll go next. Observe how
    would faci ask questions. By then when you think u’re ready or when it is
    your turn, you can roughly know what and how should you respond to your
    teacher (:

  • prb25001 says:

    Professor Goodwin, I have to thank you for offering to give these tips to
    the public. I find them useful and very helpful. They’re definitely great
    advices. I can’t thank you enough.

  • Emily Rose says:

    Well I think that this has helped a lot but I also have a speech that is
    not very motivational in fact it is pretty serious so What should I do?
    What kind of facial features should I have? What kind of tone should I
    have? How should I walk or stand?

  • courtney comerford says:


  • Donnie T says:

    My semester just begin and I am taking Speech class. I thank you for the
    tips and look forward to watching more.

  • ResQ Records Africa | ResQ Ranjazz International(ASCAP) says:

    Thank you for the great resource on here.

  • patu8010 says:

    Everyone’s naturally prepared their presentation so they’re going to want
    to go first too. That’s why I just mostly end up being the last one if it’s
    a matter of who gets on the stage first. The worst part is sitting there in
    your terror and then the teacher says we’re gonna continue the
    presentations next week. Great, another week of lying awake at night trying
    to keep your speech fresh in your mind.

  • LoveItLikeX says:

    listineing to you on Scott milss right now (: hahah xx

  • threekill28 says:

    I swear I could talk to people perfect no problem but once it gets quiet
    and all eyes in me I start to stutter a little sweat constant blinking and
    alway before I get the butterfly’s badly hahaha damn

  • ThatDerp says:



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