Martin Scorsese sits down and talks about Fran Lebowitz and his documentary. For more information, go to Watch HBO Documentary Films on…

6 Responses to Public Speaking: A Conversation w/ Martin Scorsese (HBO)

  • Max Wilson says:

    I read her books as a teenager and she helped me understand that I was not

  • Priest Pepone says:

    Dialogue is so special and underated

  • TheDarciDigression says:

    @debbradley Thirdly, Toastmasters, whilst it has a place for the
    under-confident person who has to give a presentation at work, is so
    structured that it produces sanitised corporate speakers via a relatively
    uniform pattern of gestures, delivery, topics, and nauseating
    ‘inspirational’ stories. Toastmasters is the paint by numbers of public
    speaking, not the art of public speaking. Fran Lebowitz, like Mark Twain,
    is an artist of public speaking and, like Twain, has done it without

  • debbradley says:

    She is not a good public speaker. The sarcasm, verbal tricks, irony is
    annoying. To try and work so hard to figure out what in the world she is
    trying to get across is exhausting. If you want to know about public
    speaking (and this is truly a beautiful world): 1) go to your local
    Toastmaster club and 2) see speakeasythemovie.

  • TheDarciDigression says:

    @debbradley Secondly, I know you won’t hear this at Toastmasters, but the
    fact is that you do not always have to have a message when you talk. Just
    as you can dance for the sake of dancing, or play music for its own sake,
    so it can be with talking.

  • TheDarciDigression says:

    @debbradley Firstly, not every one has to try so hard to figure out what
    she is saying. If you don’t find it easy, perhaps, (and I think Fran would
    agree with me on this), the fault is with you.


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