Overcome Fear of Public Speaking | Public Speaking Skills - Tips

When it comes to Public Speaking, most people experience fear and anxiety. The primary reason for this is underestimating self and overestimating the audienc…
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19 Responses to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking | Public Speaking Skills – Tips

  • Shaik Salam says:

    thank qq for given motivational speech 

  • Prakash Ningadali says:

    nice one

  • satya narayana says:

    Excellent Video! Thanks for sharing

    I was a scared crow and all my friends used to tease me like anything.
    I was feeling low confident and low self-esteem.

    My brother introduced me to this “no fear” mobile app by lokesh , which
    made me manage my fears in a very methodical way and now because of this my
    fears are reducing one by one.

    I am much more confident and people are amazed at me!

  • mira shetty says:

    thank you mam

  • BM English Speaking says:

    In order to avoid breaks in your speech, prepare well before public
    speaking. If you are not prepared, it is natural to get stuck on words. You
    need to see our next video on how to prepare for public speaking which is
    coming soon.

  • BM English Speaking says:

    We are glad that you have liked the content…..do share it.

  • amita sharma says:

    it is really very effective . i will include these instructions in my
    public speaking. thank you.

  • Dilshad Pathan says:

    This video is very nice and useful.till date i have seen that fear is
    always disadvantageous, but by seeing this video i know that how i can
    overcome the fear in public speaking.

  • Adarsh Shukla says:

    now i know how to improve my confidence. thanx

  • vivek bhadiyadra says:

    i like this video very much cause it will improve my personality as well as
    public speaking.

  • Varsha Domadiya says:

    It is a simple way… very nice.

  • Yogeshr63 says:

    this video is very help full for public speaking…i feel scared of public
    speaking…i will use all the information which are shown in this video..

  • girish bhandwalkar says:

    yes now a days many people face this problem… ..now when they will see
    this video defiantly all fear will gone How the fear can be a advantage
    must watch everyone !!!!

  • raze gupta says:

    the advantages of fear exactly applied in my case.but whats my problem is,
    i always use simple and easy english, and while talking im searching for
    words nd geting confused by which word hav to be use next, for this reason
    my speech is going slow means breaks in speech, what i hav to do?

  • Varsha Domadiya says:

    It is a simple way… very nice.

  • 4DMinds says:

    …a very systematic and step by step approach! yes…waiting for the next

  • Yogesh Kanchgar says:

    This Video is a perfect guide for all the people who has fear speaking in
    public. I also like how to use your nervousness and make advantage of it.
    Can we have a video on how to improve pronunciation.

  • Varsha Domadiya says:

    I learnt correct body language & how to face Fear.

  • Suraj Chauhan says:

    great way to face fear…


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