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2013 Word Champion of Public Speaking – PRESIYAN VASILEV.

37 Responses to Improve Your Public Speaking and Communication Skills with 60 Second Guru

  • alphard consencino says:

    really great tips, thanks guys. it also helped me not only in my report but
    also overcoming my shyness :)

  • nimal senna says:

    Why did she Changing her dress all the time????

  • mans nas says:

    Excuse me. You’re talking to fast please slow down. ..Thanks for your help

  • Bryan Milan says:

    Its good, thanks

  • Mark Christoper Vizcarra says:

    Thank you!

  • ayman saad says:

    thanks alot

  • Vipin Rahul says:

    thanks for the tips!

  • tsb0616 says:

    This is helpful and all but its sad that today’s people feel the need to go
    straight to the device causing them to lack communication skills
    (technology) for assistance. :/

  • Patrick E. Moran says:

    Great tips. Thank You!

  • axx iss says:

    we need more of these kudos

  • SupBRA says:

    good points 🙂
    but next videos, please look directly at the camera.

  • DJOpaixMusic says:

    2:23 i did what you said but they told me i’m a stoner lmao xD

  • Moli A says:

    thank you so much

  • AdamJ617 says:

    Hi, Jill. I’m trying out for Wheel of Fortune this week, but am having a
    second thought or two about the interview process. Would you suggest I use
    the first two chapters of thai video as a guide to getting myself a step
    closer to being on the show?

  • Samuel F. Campbell says:


  • Michal Kravec says:

    step 1: know what you are talking about to awoid “uhm”s as much as
    possible. you want to be fluid if listeners are supposed to remember what
    are you saying.
    step 2: nobody cares if you fuck up anything. they realy dont. 

  • Impromptu Guru says:

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Joe Boggio says:

    By the way, the description says “WORD” instead of World. This is bothering
    me way more than it should D:!

  • esbih says:

    Wow! This is awesome…. Borat come alive. GTFO. LOL. 

  • ART Ellipse says:

    excellent skills

  • Melissa Randall from Baking with Melissa says:

    This speech is AMAZING! Thank you for sharing!

  • breidge mcgarvey says:

    class speech !

  • Gurmeet Singh says:

    Presiyan and Jock Elliot are my favorite champs. Masterful delivery and a
    memorable message. 

  • Roger Laing says:

    If at first you don’t succeed use the handbrake…

  • Garrett Gray says:

    I was there in Cincy to witness the magic firsthand. Pres is a master at
    staging and execution and is a tirelesss perfectionist. Well done! And
    well deserved!

  • Ramon Thomas says:

    Was this speech intentionally delivered as a humours speech? It was very
    enjoyable but hard to distinguish between that humours speech contest that
    comes later in the year.

  • SoYeaImChris2 says:


  • The Public Speaking Academy says:

    This is original content – and excellent style especially within the
    framework of the toastmasters – uses story/ self deprecation and the quotes
    within the speech added to interaction and humor – i think making the final
    point might have been stronger and standing still and nodding to advise it
    has finished is also an option

  • Paula Howley says:

    I knew Pres had won as soon as he was finished. 

  • Monireh Etemadi says:


  • Seth Braun says:

    Superb delivery of an important message. Winning combo. Thanks for posting.

  • Stuart Pink says:

    I love this speech! Well done Pres!

  • Bil Sadler says:

    Well done!

  • Jean-Marie Jeune says:

    Best World Championship speech I’ve seen in the past decade. Well crafted
    and delivered. I hope your speaking career takes off. There was nothing
    rusty about your skills and sincere interest for the audience.

  • Adeleo Blanco says:

    goosebumps. One of the best delivered speeches I have ever heard. Truly

  • Zapryan Valkov says:

    Number 1.
    Excellent on every level!!

  • Murad S. Shah says:

    A world class champion … in every way. I had the honor of seeing Pres
    speak at the Toastmaster’s Fall Conference sharing his story about the
    Journey to the Championship. Not only did I get plenty of tips on public
    speaking, I also learnt what it means to have humility despite being a
    world champion. Congratulations, Pres. You inspire us in ways even you
    cannot imagine.


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