Get your voice heard! A deeply relaxing and pleasurable hypnotherapy session designed specifically for anyone who experiences a fear of public speaking. Feel…

5 Responses to Hypnotherapy to help overcome fear of public speaking

  • GER6655 says:

    Really good thank u.Ur voice is so relaxing.Where could i get a copy of the
    music u used?All the best

  • katie robers says:

    +crossxfuse how did it help?

  • crossxfuse says:

    i have to do my thesis defense in 3 days so i hope this helps me…

  • herny bicknell says:

    You should not always drink a coffee. Hypnotherapy is good to our self.
    Just try at least once a week.

  • lakshmi priya says:

    Excellent Video!

    I was a scared crow and all my friends used to tease me like anything.

    I was feeling low confident and low self-esteem.

    My brother introduced me to this “no fear” mobile app by lokesh , which
    made me manage.

    my fears in a very methodical way and now because of this my fears are
    reducing one by one.

    I am much more confident and people are amazed at me!


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