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18 Responses to Fear of public speaking or in front of others

  • Kevin M says:

    Hmm this is new for me! Thanks

  • Wolfen says:

    and then his tiny little nipples went to France.

  • ManoKuerten says:

    brother, its hard to put my life story into a youtube comment. What I am
    going to resume is that I’ve had a lot of impairments in my communication.
    I was living with my father at age of 17 when he left from day to night due
    to his addiction to crack. and instantly I had to get out in the world and
    figure out a way to survive. For a while I stopped going after my dreams
    and accepted the lie that my dreams were not important and went on to have
    jobs which I detested and which I also allowed my self to be stepped on. I
    am now 26, and I have been on a healing and self improvement path since age
    of 20. but not till a few months ago I can say that I came out of a
    depression like a butterfly comes out of it’s cocoon, and I have woken up
    to this beautiful life which we create, the possibilities are endless and
    the opportunities are all in front of us. I stumbled upon some videos by
    Brendon Burchard (which I recommend) and I have found your videos about 1
    week ago. I have heard “the right teachers and gurus come to our lives when
    we are ready for them”. I am so grateful for the blessings of having found
    your videos and all the information that contains which resonates true to
    me which I am now ready to listen. and ps. This video and exercise will
    serve me a great deal ! Thank you.

  • PJ D' says:

    i do that gibberish thing when my radio is broke in my car..

  • guitarmatt94 says:

    this is so me, i have loads of tension around my jaw and mouth- gonna see
    if this works haha

  • I AM says:

    fuck yeah dude.

  • Flame Thrower says:

    hahaha !!!! did this at the dinner table when my dad started talking

  • youngchris209 says:

    i aint doing that shit 

  • Poohbi e says:

    Did you get this from Bruce Almighty? Anyways it can’t hurt to try.

  • pappi 35 says:


  • Abdul Shakoor says:

    1.23 haha

  • drivedrive says:

    I wonder if Elliott now believes this or not anymore. 

  • SWDW88 says:


  • Scott K says:

    as opposed to fear of public speaking alone?

  • Marnix Reissenweber says:

    If my father sees that he

  • Hisoka says:

    Master of the creative comment.

  • Vinny L says:

    this is the best

  • Newage Philosopher says:

    hahahaha 😀 , this is a real man showing every side of himself with no
    mercy to self doubt, murdering it!


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