AAMAS’14 Demo Track Paper 22 Demonstration video.

In 2004, a one-term senator from Illinois took the stage to deliver the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. By the time Barack Ob…

22 Responses to An Interactive Virtual Audience Platform for Public Speaking Training

  • Mike Watkins says:

    Even if you hate Obama you have to admit this was a very well structured
    and beautiful speech. 

  • cesar hernandez says:

    Everyone is so quick to hate, yet some don’t understand how the presidency
    works. Yes, he made promises, and yes he didn’t fulfill many of them. Why
    do you think that is? The president doesn’t write laws, its congress, he
    only asks for them to be made. and with a republican majority in the house
    of reps, not many of his promises can be fulfilled. Congress is so divided
    between ideologies, if there was a liberal bill, republicans will strike it
    down. and even when a republican votes for a liberal bill he ends up losing
    his job. and vice versa. I don’t think its the president thats driving the
    country down, but the division of parties. 

  • CLASSICDUH says:

    I’m tired of hearing stuff about Obama sucking balls! He isn’t a terrible
    president, he just has a lot of work to do. I actually feel sorry him –
    having to clean up all of Bush’s crap.

  • Christian Cerney says:

    He is great. He only is doubling the cost of insurance and increasing
    taxes. He is only ruining America for the youth

  • jZizzles says:

    Obama didn’t win because of this speech. Obama won because of all the
    racist white people spending all their time on youtube hating on him
    instead of voting for McCain. LOL!

    How do I know? I sell a bunch of bumper stickers. And guess what? More
    racist republicans bought anti-obama Stickers than the pro-McCain
    stickers. Which shows that instead of spending their efforts and money
    supporting McCain, they spend a shit load of Money on anti-Obama stickers.

    The latest bumper sticker that sold was the EBOLA bumper sticker with the
    Obama logo. Thanks for putting food on my family! LOL

  • 7mightyace says:

    The biggest liar ever… soon there will be a NWO they have already the
    RFID chips
    (mark of the beast). Those who don’t take it will be killed, because they
    are Christians or Jews. Obama is muslim so hes going to murder them all,
    because he knows they are with God. Obama is GAY his wife(man) is GAY.
    Michelle Obama is a man and their children are adopted

  • Miles Long says:

    Too bad he’s a lying bastard! This pussy is a terrified little man
    overwhelmed with a job he can’t do!

  • Spoiledkid Rey says:

    Lol. Why the fuck are majority of americans atheists? 

  • Joe Corbett says:

    America found a place for President Obama and it has truly made all the
    difference. History will be kind to this man, 

  • henry first says:

    It’s the same party.
    The corporations rule the politicians. Those who barely manage to get
    ‘elected’ without money of corporations (and small amounts are given to
    even the smallest of major candidates) then they either get bought out or
    shamed by the time they take office.

    Votes are suggestions.

    Think of it this way.
    If your father was alive and had 10 kids including you and then said okay
    we do democracy in the house. He makes you all give him suggestions on what
    foods to eat. He usually just does whatever he likes but when you are sad
    he goes with a few popular suggestions to make you believe he cares for you.

    That’s the best possible way ‘voting’ can work.
    Usually it isn’t even that good with politicians, they just tell you that
    with recent evidence they’ve done the best thing for you like starting
    another war because of what they know or rebuilding a road that was built 2
    years ago and raising your property taxes because you don’t ‘really’ own
    that property anyway.

  • James Dolbeck says:

    OK,I am a Canadian who wants Prime Minister Steven Harper, Justin Bieber,
    and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, all extradited to the United States , you guys
    keep em, we don’t want em back

  • johnnywebb says:

    The problem in the US is you don’t have compulsory voting. Here in
    Australia everyone over 18 has to vote. Governments are elected by the will
    of the people, not lobby groups, corporations, big bisiness, whatever and
    if they don’t perform that get thrown out at the next election. We have
    universal health care, minimum wage laws ( no-one here gets $8.50 ph,
    that’s slave labour), low crime, a social security system that supports the
    poor and most vulnerable plus many other benefits that give us a reasonably
    high standard of living. In the US, whites and high income earners have the
    greatest percentage turn out for voting. Get off your asses and vote. I am
    white, here in Oz we believe in the “Fair Go” – give everyone the best
    opportunity to an enjoyable, productive, quality of life, cheers &
    Christmas wishes.

  • Aiden Hall says:

    lol fucking idiot Americans, sway them with a speech and they look upon you
    as a God. If any politician here in Norway had these speeches with big
    words and this reality that doesn’t exist, they would be laughed off the
    stage, here you need to deliver proof and results to get anywhere.

  • Tayo39 says:

    i remember watching this convention live….told my bud two minutes into
    this speech that this guy would one day be President of the USA…..he was
    like “naaa not in our lifetime”

    anyway….and it took me about 10 seconds into his first official political
    speech i saw (about Al Kaida and war on terrorism i think) that NOTHING
    fundamental was gonna change…..

    we wanted change, we got some “change” allright, while they ran away with
    the benjamins and murder, again……and again and again we fall for these

    but even if he tried to change things fundamentally, he wouldntve survived,
    period…..i know this today, and laugh at my gullible self for the
    dissapointment i felt after that first official speech….were gonna have a
    dejavu in a about 3 years, guaranteed

  • Jesus Christ says:

    Barack Hussein Obama was selected before the so-called election by the
    warmongering neo-conservatives that are frontmen for the military
    industrial complex who also happen to be Jews controlled by the Rothschild
    family of Europe. The Rothschild family has controlled international drug
    dealing and even had the US, Britain, France and others invading China on 3
    different ocassions to maintain the Jewish Rothschild/Sassoon stranglehold
    on that monopoly. These same nefarious families are the initiaters of the
    world wars,financing both sides of the conflicts. Every war involving the
    theft of another nations natural resources is caused by this same people.
    So Obama and Bush before and Clinton before all the way back to Woodrow
    Wilson this same family is what every one labels the Illuminati. Abraham
    Lincoln even complained of their attempt to destroy the US by using their
    Illuminati Jewish agent provocateur named Benjamin P Judah who was the
    Confederate treasurer, secretary of war and vice president. After the Civil
    War ended he moved to Britain and was Knighted, became exceedingly wealthy
    in London City and denounced his American citizenship and became a British
    citizen. So it is actually the Rothschilds of London City who are
    orchestrating this worldwide madness and who controls Obama.

  • Ernst Wigmann says:

    Id wonder if asian-americans will have a shot being a president too. That
    will be funny and amazing at the same time.

  • MR MARK says:

    On opposite sides of the fence we all may stand, we surely are all in
    question of Obama’s stance on God.
    Religious people could state that he is using religion in order to gain his
    Atheist people could state that he is using religion in order to gain his

  • tehkoalainsurgency says:

    What the fuck happened to this man 10 years later?! Where is this beacon of
    hope? All we got now is a pro-Wall St. Pro-war, Center-Right corporatist!

  • DrBlackApple says:

    As Obama may not be helping a whole lot you all cant go out and just blame
    him. To be honest, it’s not actually entirely him. You got to keep in mind
    that one of the most powerful branches is the legislative meaning house and
    senate who make a great amount of decisions (and also don’t) but you don’t
    blame all them because it’s easier to blame one man than 400+ men.

  • Bcott Studios says:


  • rahmonjon ibragimov says:

    American society knows how to choose president 

  • James skippinhopper says:

    this guy might accidentally lie to his people. Oh, excuse me, he might
    misspeak. SUX!!!


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