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The current president of the Motion Picture Association of America-who was also a speechwriter for former president Lyndon Johnson-presents an indispensable resource for anyone who wishes to learn how to write and deliver lucid, entertaining, and memorable speeches.

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You have wondered why some people are good at public speaking, while some are lower the top, but some are failing more and more each time they try, haven’t you? It is not like you have a speaking with you your natural-born talent.  It comes from your practice, and practice helps you come to confidence.



The thing that separates the best from the rest is confidence about your speaking skills. You may have an awful tone of voice; you may have a speaking disorder or annoying habits like repeating phrases, still you can be terrific in delivering speeches.


Take Hitler as an example (sounds quite bad at first), his voice was screaming all the time and his tone of voice was annoying at the very least, still it didn’t stop him from delivering speeches that shook the masses. The key was his total confidence in his thoughts, some propaganda and his persona that had ‘leadership’ written all over it.


You too can enhance your confidence doing things like preparing for your speech endlessly in front of a mirror. Maybe you can try to focus on the positive before the speech like this: imagine yourself in a comfortable situation, imagine that people WILL like your speech. And they will, if you’re confident and relaxed enough.


In other words, try get into the right state of mind before trying to speak; it will give you results you even didn’t dream of in the past.


Another thing that makes you sound confident is speaking from the diaphragm. To speak from the diaphragm you should just talk with your stomach. The easiest way to do that is just try to talk loud. To train your belly muscles you can lie down and put books on it while breathing. It helps to exercise those muscles.


All in all, the more confidence you develop the more positive results you’ll get; public speaking is a great skill to have especially in these times when the key to success is often not through work but through other people’s hearts.



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