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One of the most remarkable aspects of color – the life, the animation, the emotion you express in speaking – is that there is no right or wrong. Certainly your attitude can affect your color, which I discussed in my last article, but the true beauty of speaking with expression is that it is as individual to you as are your fingerprints. No two people will give the same presentation exactly the same way; no two people will deliver a speech exactly the same way.

The danger for some people, however, lies in employing too many elements of expression in their delivery, making their presentation sound fake or forced and unnatural. With all the various aspects of color, therefore, it is important that these elements be handled within reason. In that sense, I advocate straddling the fence. Too much color is acting; too little color is boring. The idea is to strive to sound natural, to straddle the fence so as not to sound forced.

If you have difficulty expressing emotion, I suggest you read some of my previous articles dealing with force, duration, pacing and pause and practice the exercises given. Recording yourself, preferably by means of camcorder, is your best tool for hearing and seeing how much or how little expression you exhibit.

Don’t trust what you think you hear. Trust what happens on the camcorder or the audio recorder because that equipment will tell you the truth. Your inner ear will not. You owe it to your audience to be as personable as possibility on stage. A boring, monotonous delivery is not dynamic and will probably be a stumbling for future speaking engagements. In addition, a presentation given with little enthusiasm or life does not sell.

Cicero, the famous Roman orator, said more than 2,000 years ago, that a very intelligent, well written speech with a mediocre delivery is not nearly as effective as a speech of lesser qualities but delivered with passion, enthusiasm and life.

While the rules of public speaking have changed little since the time of Cicero, never forget that your purpose for public speaking is your audience. They are there to hear you speak so make it memorable. You owe it to them!

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How you feel effects how you speak. If you are feeling poorly, either physically or emotionally, it may be heard in your voice. If you are to make a presentation and you are not pleased with your material, it will show.

In lives plays or concerts, do you think every actor or every musician or singer is in the best of spirits for each and every performance? Absolutely not. But as they say in the business: The show must go on. So how do these performers or actors handle their emotional problems or their physical ailments? They concentrate in the beginning and then quickly forget the problem or the discomfort. Their excitement and their desire to perform is so great that they can indeed temporarily rid themselves of the problem. Admittedly, the problem may return at the end of the show, but they do not allow it to stand in their way.

So how do you change your attitude when you are not feeling well or you have an emotional problem? The answer lies first in what is causing your problem. If you are unhappy with your material, change it. If you are in pain, make yourself focus through the opening of your presentation; chances are you will forget your problem because of that extra rush of adrenaline most of us experience in the limelight.

I have given several presentations when my shoes were too tight or my back ached. During the 40-minute presentation or even a 3-hour seminar, I never recognized my discomfort. Upon closing, however, the pain would be in full force. Part of my ability to forget what is ailing me is in the fact that I breathe diaphragmatically, a subject I write about frequently. The breathing allows me to control my nervousness and put the rush of adrenaline to good use.

While your adrenaline rush is truly a blessing in disguise, the ability to concentrate on your delivery is as important. I remember one evening in which I was exhausted and had to hold a 2-hour return session for one of my workshops, immediately followed by a 2-hour presentation. I had no idea how I was going to get through that night. What is fascinating is that my return session was so lively, animated and successful, that it gave me renewed strength and focus for my following presentation. What is even more surprising is that it was one of the best presentations I have ever given.

If you can keep yourself focused on your delivery and allow your adrenaline to move you through the pain, it will be no more. The mind is a wondrous thing. Trust it and you will be able to accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

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Imagining that you are a speaker. You hear the enthusiastic applause from the crowd, and feel the bomb of audience’s waiting to see the person giving them some motivation and wisdom. You smile, stand slightly, placing your hands on your thighs and inhale slowly.


They are waiting for YOU.


Because you know the secrets of captivating an audience with your passion and wisdom cloaked in persuasive language that will lead them to more happiness and resourcefulness. You know the magic of delivery that will cause them to forget any pain they are feeling and only realize the incredible present, and future that you will mesmerize them with. You know the hidden inspiration beneath the mundane that they are too tired to acknowledge, too afraid. You know the truth.


Your truth.


The secret to giving a powerful speech is threefold. And simple. And when you finish reading the rest of this short article, you will not only be able to go out TODAY and fill a room with passion and wisdom, but you will undoubtedly remember the passion and wisdom that is you.


One: Know Your Words.

Ok, this is a bit obvious. Know what you are going to talk about. Unfortunately, many people skip this step. They talk about what they think they should talk about, rather than what they know. Perhaps they think what they know isn’t important enough, or isn’t worthy enough. You should only be up in front of a group of people talking about something that you know well. If you don’t know your topic well enough, learn about it, research it, know it like the back of your hand. If you need to memorize your words, you don’t know your topic well enough.


Two: Believe Your Words

Even if you are giving a dry recitation of facts, your opinion is bound to slip in there. Make sure it is an opinion that you believe in, really honestly believe in. Not something that you “should” believe in because you learned it in Sunday School, but something that you’ve really examined and know, really know with all your heart that it is true for you.


Three: Share Your Words

You can never really persuade other people. All you can ever do is make it easy for them to see your point of view. When you give a speech, avoid trying to convince others. Think of it as sharing a unique viewpoint that you discovered. Share your enthusiasm and passion, and give others the gift of noticing on their own. Because you know your words, and you believe your words, when you share them without any concern that they will be accepted, your passion will be enough to convince most people. Sadly, many people lack a great deal of passion in their lives. When they see others, like you, speaking about something with passion and knowledge, they will want some of the good feelings that you are sharing.


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