Whoa! Imagine how this could just happen to you. However don’t worry; here are some valuable tips in public speaking to help you to be effective in the art of speaking to an audience. These tips will surely save you from such frightening situations.

Before delivering your speech, take a deep breath. Let oxygen fill your lungs to normalize the functions of your mind and heart. Also, this will help your body to release sufficient adrenalin to help you overcome your fear while standing and speaking in front of the crowd. Shallow breathing will lead your speaking voice to sound as if it is “lacking air”. Deep breathing will also help you to gather enough oxygen to generate a louder voice while delivering the speech. Always see to it that your voice comes from the diaphragm and not from the throat. When you let your speaking voice come from your throat, it will only cause a sore throat and no speaker will ever like that. The voice that is emitted from the diaphragm generates a solid, sonorous speaking voice which makes your voice pleasant to the ears. This will also help you score additional brownie points with your audience.

Another important tip in public speaking is to have a good posture. A good posture involves a straight back and an erect chest. With such a posture, adequate voice projection would definitely be achieved as well. Also, don’t forget to smile. A positive and pleasant disposition allows your audience to reciprocate your eye contact and listen to every word that you utter. These physical techniques can help to keep a speaker’s nerves stable and unperturbed. Another good tip to note is the art of gesturing. An effective speaker uses hand gestures to make their speech come alive but one should not overdo this. Simply let your hands move a bit to emphasize the key points of your speech but as much as possible, try to minimize stage movement. In the eyes of the audience, unnecessary body movements are quite annoying. One way to determine whether you make too many body movements is to try talking to yourself in front of a mirror. Once you sense even an ounce of disinterest in your audience, fear might start to rear its ugly head within you.

Lastly, always be prepared before delivering your speech. Preparedness can help to calm nerves. As ridiculous as it sounds, public speaking is akin to going to war. If you are to enter a battlefield without weapons, you’ll only get yourself pulverized by the enemy. Memorize the key points in your speech if possible and practice speaking before taking to the stage. This will save you from embarrassing ‘forget-my-lines’ moments.

To be effective in public speakingis easy. All you have to do is follow these proven tips.

Andy is an accomplished, sought-after speaker and corporate trainer in the Asia-Pacific.

His clients range from a myriad of industries which includes the likes of Research in Motion,

Microsoft, Burger King, Shell, P&G, Herbalife and Electronic Arts. If you want to know more

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