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Research reveals that public speaking is the worlds number one fear. But not for you. Public speaking should not be your biggest fear because it is something that will actually improve yourself as a person.

You should not be fearful of public speaking because it makes your position more significant as you deliver your ideas in front of other people. Therefore, you should be confident and have pride in delivering your presentation.

So if you are ready for your next presentation, you can practice the following tips to improve it:

1. When choosing a topic, pick the one you already know a lot about.
2. Prepare well, research your topic first.
3. Use keywords to create an outline for your speech.
4. Practice your presentation with your friends.
5. If possible, find out about your audience earlier. You can also learn about the atmosphere of the room you are going to be at.
6. Have a positive attitude and expect success, as it will make you to always try to attain it.
7. Do not always try to be perfect. Your ideas will not be accepted by 100% of your audience. What you need to do is to add as much value as possible to them.
8. When delivering your speech, open it with common ground. People will be more inclined to pay attention to others who have similar experiences, aims, or problems.
9. Use memorable quotations or interesting statistics / facts in your speech.
10. Deliver your messages with your heart, memorizing is not recommended. Be sincere and enthusiastic.
11. Do not use complicated jargons. Make your language natural and simple, because it will make your speech more appealing.
12. Make use of visual aids if possible, in high quality. Your audience will be more interested and they will be able to follow your ideas better.
13. Be prepared for your audiences questions or responses.
14. Increase your energy by moving around the stage. It will also make you more confident.
15.Do not use multiple endings. When its time for you to conclude and end your presentation, just finish it. Your conclusion should not be too long.

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The success of your speech depends greatly on thorough rehearsal before the actual day. Rehearsing will help to minimize the nervousness and pressure that a speaker would experience. It is very noticeable if the speaker didn’t rehearse and prepare for his or her speech. An unprepared speaker often stutters and forgets his or her lines (sometimes the vital ones). Forgetting one’s speech content induces confusion among the audiences and eventually they will be uninterested in listening to you. Frequent forgetfulness is a sign that you don’t have any idea on the topic you are delivering. Thus, it is very important to rehearse before giving your speech.

It is not advisable to have changes on your speech just before the actual delivery (less than 24 hours). This is applicable to those speakers who rehearsed their speeches days or even weeks beforehand. If you plan to make any changes, do it earlier to prepare yourself both mentally and emotionally.

Also, prepare a decent outfit for yourself to wear on the day of your speech. The audience doesn’t want an awful-looking speaker or otherwise, they will not waste their time listening to you. Always remember to wear clothes that fit your environment and audience profile.
Remember to eat enough before your speech. You can then be able to think clearly and can be more effective. Also, a filled stomach restores your energy levels and increases your eagerness in delivering the presentation. A hungry speaker often leads to a boring and dispassionate speech, and no one likes that.

If you plan to have visual aids like PowerPoint presentations or visual demonstrations, refrain from reading strictly from them. Remember you are not talking to your visual aids; you are talking to your audience. By becoming a ‘public reader’ would only indicate that you are not prepared in speech preparation. It is also annoying to listen to a speaker who doesn’t give ample eye contact to his or her audience.

One of the most important tips in public speaking is to prepare an index card which contains the topics that you are about to deliver written on it. These handy notes serve as useful reminders so that the content remains fresh in a speaker’s memory. However, do remember that these notes are not excuses for not preparing for one’s speech. These are helpful and practical tips in public speaking. Successful speakers have followed these simple techniques which have made them effective in public speaking.

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