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Masterworks of George Enescu

Masterworks of George Enescu provides a profound and very detailed analysis of more than 25 of this important composer’s most representative works. Translated from musicologist Pascal Bentoiu’s Romanian publication, Lory Wallfisch presents this vital work for the first time to English-speaking audiences, providing the worldwide public with the tools to understand and enjoy Enescu’s music.

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Confessions of a Public Speaker (English and English Edition)
In this hilarious and highly practical book, author and professional speaker Scott Berkun reveals the techniques behind what great…

Public Speaking: A Public Speaking Handbook on How To Finally Overcome Your Fear: and To Inspire Any Audience
Public Speaking: A Public Speaking Handbook on How To Finally Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking and To Inspire Any Audience (P…

How to Develop Self-Confidence And Influence People By Public Speaking
Drawing on Dale Carnegie’s years of experience as a business trainer this book will show you how to overcome the natural fear of p…

Public Speaking: Concepts and Skills for a Diverse Society (Cengage Advantage Books)
PUBLIC SPEAKING is a culturally informed book that never loses sight of its fundamental purpose: to train students to be effective…

Seduced by Science

American religion, Steven Goldberg claims, has fallen into a trap. Just at the moment when it has amassed the political strength won the legal right to participate effectively in public debate, it has lost its distinctive voice. Instead of speaking of human values, goals, and limits, it speaks in the language of science. In the United States, science has extraordinary influence and respect. American religious leaders seeking prestige for their point of view regularly couch their responses to technological developments, or defend their faith, in scientific terms. They claim, for instance, that medical studies demonstrate the power of prayer, that science validates the Bible, including its account of creation, and that patenting the genetic code is dangerous because genes are the essence of who we are. But when ministers, priests, and rabbis expound on double-blind studies and the genetic causes of behavior, they do not elevate religion, Goldberg maintains, they trivialize it. Seduced by Science examines how, by allowing scientific discourse to set the terms of the debate, American religious leaders facilitate religion’s move away from its more appropriate and important concerns of values, morality, and humility. Science can tell us a lot about what is but precious little about what ought to be and our religious leaders often miss the chance to add an important voice from a faith-based perspective to the public debate that follows scientific advances. Discussing the most recent and pressing collisions between science and religion – such as the medicinal benefits of prayer, the human genome project, and cloning – Goldberg raises the timely question of what the appropriate role ofreligion might be in public life today. Tackling the legal aspects of religious debate, Goldberg suggests ways that religious leaders might confront new scientific developments in a more meaningful fashion.

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Eventdesign Jahrbuch 2010/ 2011/ Event Design 2010/ 2011

This new yearbook series has been produced in response to the growing importance of live communication. According to FAMAB (Association of Direct Business Communications), companies see? marketing events as the communication instrument of the future? They offer a unique opportunity to reach people emotionally and physically. In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Jrg Beier, head of Exhibition, Congress and Event Managenent at the Ravensburg Cooperative University, the publisher presents this sector’s most innovative and best projects. The selection criteria included a high level of dramaturgical and design standards, as well as the response of the general public, panels and the press. The book is organised by event type: corporate events, employee events, public events, charity, social, cultural events, consumer events and exhibitions. More than 50 well-known agencies from German-speaking countries and around 100 of their most recent projects, including international ones, will be represented.

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Magic of Public Speaking: A Complete System to Become a World Class Speaker
The Magic of Public Speaking is a comprehensive step-by-step system for creating highly effective speeches. It is based on researc…

Public Speaking: The Complete Bundle
Master the art of public speaking with this three-in-one book combo. Books include: “Speak Like a Winner”, “Storytelling Technique…

Public Speaking
This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on …


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