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The First Five Minutes: How to Make a Great First Impression in Any Business Situation

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Is it anytime soon you are going to have to give a public speech and you need to do some public speaking exercises? Or perhaps you are ashamed of your previous speech and you want to improve your public speaking. Or is it that you’re feeling nervous and you need to find a way to calm down?

Don’t worry. Been there, done that. And I feel you.
I’ve been asked couple of times by some friends for some tips and I thought it would be a good idea if I could write them down. So here it goes, I will give you some quick tips that will help you with your public speaking exercises so you feel better and more prepared.

Practice in front of a mirror Prepare your speech, and go in front of a mirror. Visualize yourself as if you were in front of your audience and start giving your speech. What’s the benefit? You get to see how you look when giving your speech. Apart from having a general idea whether you like what you see or not, you can also try to detect your “Weak” and “Strong” spots so that you can either eliminate or emphasize them.
An alternate version of the above public speaking exercise is to record yourself on tape, either in a real event or again while in your home. My personal suggestion is that you gather some family members and/or friends and you practice your public speech in front of them, whilevideotaping it! Then all together watch the tape and ask them to point out what they did or did not like.
Memorize your speech. Ask yourself, would you like to be attending in an event where someone is giving a speech, reading everyone from his notes? Wouldn’t you feel much better, enjoy and perhaps connect with him, if he was trying to bond with his audience by looking them in the eyes? Of course I am not saying that you should memorize your whole speech, or that even if you forget something you can’t take a quick look at your notes, but the point is not to keep looking constantly at them! The last of my public speaking exercises is to
Change the tone of your voice in order to emphasize certain parts of your speech. Change of your tone helps the audience better realize the importance of what you are talking about and helps them connect with you faster. For example if you say something that is supposed to shock your audience, you should shout.

The next one is not exactly a public speaking exercise, but a personal tip.
It is very important that you hang out a lot with friends, and perhaps meet new people quite frequently. Not only do you get to talk with people you might have not known until that moment (like people in your audience) but you are also given a great chance to talk about things you don’t know. So the next time someone in your company is talking about something quite unknown to you, don’t waste the chance, participate in the conversation. Even if you know almost nothing it will really help you when you need to improvisewith your speech.

As I said these are part of my experience over the last years. When I had started I was not even quite a successful speaker, but some public speaking exercises, some hard work and continuous speeches pointed me to the right direction.


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